The Organization of African Unity (OAU) declared 25th
May 1963 as International Day of Africa. The reason
for such declaration stemmed from the fact that,the
majority of African countries got their independence
from colonial humiliation in the 1960s.
On the same day, 24 out of 30 Independent countries
met at Addis-Ababa in Ethiopia to form the OAU. This
idea was master-minded by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first
President of the Republic of Ghana and his compatriots
in the name of Sekou Toure(the first President of
Guinea, Conakry), Patrice Lumumba(the then Prime
Minister of the present day the Democratic Republic of
Congo), Modibo Keita (the first President of the
Republic of Mali), Azikwei of Nigeria and others. They
drew a programme to bring all African countries
together in unity because they were convinced that,
that was the only way the independence achieved could
be of good use to the Africans. Unfortunately, all the
propounded ideas got lost in the mayhem of mere

Since then, 25th May has become a continental holiday
for Africans. I hope that this year as well, Africans
and their sympathizers are celebrating in a grand

No matter what form the celebration will take, I would
like each citizen of Africa to spend at least an hour
to reflect and positively meditate for the welfare of
the continent and his or her individual country.
Many modern scientists have the thought that Africa by
its physical and spiritual caricature resembles a
question mark with Malagasy as a dot under it. Most of
these scientists came to this conclusion after a
pensive thought and analysis about Africa.
What these scientists could not understand was that,
Africa aside all its riches, continues to palpitate in
a state of absolute slumber and poverty. If we are to
consider the wealth of the continent as a whole, I
think there is no single continent that can compare
itself with Africa in terms of riches. The reasons
leading to these plights are not far to be fetched.
So far as the economic base of the continent is
fragmented, it always gives chance for parasitic
continents and countries to penetrate into its bed
rock, consequently to suck the sweet nectars from it.
Secondly, poor management and incompetence of some of
its leaders have contributed to the melancholy of
Africa. The said leaders are only interested in
filling their bellies, on the expense of the majority
who continue to live in poverty. Personal cults, self
imposition, power, drunkenness and lack of feelings
for the ruled on the part of most of these ruling
clicks in the Africa have prevented the success of the
African unity which is inevitable for economic victory
on the continent. Senseless wars and unnecessary
squabbles are sinking this golden continent.

We cannot also loose sight of the stereo-typed
intellectuals who continue to flood the continent with
their red-carpeted theoretical stuffs and deficient of
practical. This makes their education
contra-productive and very harmful to the development
of Africa for power always fall into their hands. The
poor educational system inherited from the colonial
masters still reigns high but this educational package
is highly incompatible with the culture and social
outlook of Africans.

The reason is that, it only helps to separate those
who can read and write from the rest .
To liberate Africa from this dilemma and set it on the
wheels of development, I would like to prescribe the
following measures and antidotes:

1.The unconditional unification of all 54 African
countries starting meticulously from economic
integration to one unified army. This should be
followed by a well planned economic program.

2. One monopolistic organ for exportation and
This organ will take care of all purchases of goods
from the individual countries on the continent and the
exportation of goods outside. Importation of goods and
its distribution to the various parts of the continent
must fall under this organ. Transportation network
including the airlines, the sea ports must be under
the control of this organ. The existing committees
such as ECOWAS,SADC, CFA countries, etc must gradually
succumb to this organ .This will help Africa to
bargain well in the world market.

3.The Central Bank of Africa (CBA) and the African
common currency:
For Africa to have a say, integrity and stand in the
world market, it has to emancipate itself absolutely
from the influence of foreign currencies like pound
sterling's, dollars, Dutch marks etc, and instead
create its own currency e.g. AFRI to be backed by its
numerous natural resources. All banks on the continent
would be expected to bow to the CBA. This bank would
be responsible for all transactions in connection with
loans both internal and external. It has to create
suitable conditions to attract investors to save and
invest in Africa. The bank must have monitoring and
advising body(s) that would oversee the proper
utilization of money collected from the various banks.
The CBA would have to forge strong relations with
other banks outside the continent.

4.The African economy must be wedged on the following
the mineral resources, mechanized agricultural system
and fishing. The next layer should consist of
productive specialists and technologies to transform
the raw materials into finished goods. This demands
industrialization (with less pollution).

5.Trade and tourism:
Africa as a matter of urgency must renew all trade
terms or contracts and packages with present day
partners and also map out new strategies to attract
new partners such as Asian countries, Russia and the
former Republics of the U S S R.

William ya DARKO, MOSCOW.RUSSIA 7th of march 2005


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